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Zeppificio Polato has been printing EVA for 30 years and the care in molding is our highest priority, in fact our EVA articles have no bonding or pressing problems.

Zeppificio Polato can provide a maquette and the definitive mold of a wedge within a few days.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, or more briefly EVA, is a cell-enclosed cellular plastic material, whose chemical structure allows high resistance to bacteria, making it suitable for the creation of midsoles and footbeds for sanitary and comfort footwear.

EVA plateau and wedges are extremely lightweight, have a good cushioning power and excellent thermoformability properties.

EVA is particularly suitable for making plateau and wedges even with high heights, thanks to the extreme lightness of this material.

You can wrap them in leather, fabric, straw etc.

The possibility to insert various types of materials into the object to realize allows to create different types of structures, for example:

  • steel inserts for wedges with a particularly high height/section ratio.
  • steel sheets for footbeds to match with polystyrene or ABS heels with significant heights.
  • insoles for comfort wedges.